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Every Sunday @10:30am
13031 7th Street Chino CA 91710
Jesus calls us to be the church and each member of the church to work the ministry in love, serving each other as they serve the needs of the community and worship together.

Every day we have an opportunity to have a church service, maybe not the pew, sitting-in-rows-kind-of church, but the kind of church that gets us authentic with people. The kind of church that makes us friends for life and through the raw truth that each member contributes and with the power of the holy spirit, the bonds of God's kingdom are born.

A church is meant for fellowship and accountability; with those two bible-based principles, we will grow in our faith. Isaiah's Rock has attracted and developed disciples of many skills; apostleship, evangelism, teaching, pastoring, and prophecy. Everyday people, we are being used by God to do incredible kingdom work. Whether you are just passing through or you are here to stay for while we would love for you to be a part of our family for church and worship Jesus together.
  What People Are Saying:
"Isaiah's Rock help me get back on my feet & thrive!"
Carlos, 39 - Faithful Volunteer  
"If it wasn't for the Toy Drive, my kids would NOT have a Christmas"
- Toy Recipient 
"We Love Supporting Isaiah's Rock because they don't just give toys & food, they give people hope that is only found in Jesus Christ"
Zach & Liz D'Amato
 - Monthly Supporter 
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We Are So Thankful For Our Volunteers & Supporters
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Thank you for your support of Isaiah's Rock, a registered 501c3 Organization.

With your help, we will be able to continue to provide food, clothes, gifts, and much more importantly, we can provide HOPE to people because of your contributions.

Isaiah’s Rock is a nonprofit Christian ministry that works closely with the needy in Chino, CA and the surrounding areas. We distribute groceries twice a week to over 500 families. We also provide cooked meals every day for those who come in need of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. During the holidays, we serve a much larger number of people with groceries and seasonal items. Last Christmas we provided brand new toys and tons of food to approximately 1500 families. This would only be possible with the help and generosity of our local community businesses and volunteers. Please consider Isaiah’s Rock as your charity to which you would like to donate. Every item, helping hand and dollar is needed and much appreciated. If you have any questions regarding this information or your donation please feel free to call 909-628-0966 thank you. 

Isaiah’s Rock family

Isaiah's Rock, a registered 501c3 Organization.
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